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Elizabeth & Brandon — Minted




Elizabeth and Brandon

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

Our Story

Elizabeth and Brandon met at North Carroll High School during their sophomore year in U.S. History class. Their relationship grew through frequent snowboarding trips and a New Years first kiss. Throughout high school, they found togetherness around a love of the outdoors and spending all of their money on food in Baltimore, particularly at Woodberry Kitchen. They spent time apart during college but enjoyed weekend visits together where Brandon would spoil Elizabeth's new puppy, Panda. After college, they moved in together with good friends (Matt and Sam) and "foster failed" on our forever-puppy, Zippy. In 2018, they moved into their first home where Panda and Zippy happily patrol the yard. In October 2021, after over 12 years of dating, Brandon proposed to Elizabeth at the beach amongst family, friends, and dogs. In the spirit of their love for good food and company, they look forward to a wonderful evening to celebrate the next chapter of their life together.